Maternity & Newborn


One of my greatest regrets when it comes to my pregnancies is skipping maternity portraits. To be honest, I felt anything but the beautiful, glowing mama-to-be that I thought I would be. But now that our family is complete, I realize that those few short months where I was growing my precious babies were the most beautiful and magical months of my life. What I also couldn’t understand then was just how important this point in my life would be TO MY CHILDREN…pregnancy wasn’t just about me, but it was THEIR EXPERIENCE too.

 I promise to make sure you look and feel absolutely beautiful as I capture this magical time in your life. I want you to have these portraits to fondly remember your incredible pregnancy and to show your babies when they ask about being in your belly.

 I aim to capture all the excitement, love, wonder and happiness you are feeling as you await the arrival of your sweet baby. If this is your first baby, this will be the last professional portrait when it was just the two of you. If you have other children, documenting these last few weeks before they become a sibling is so meaningful.

 Our maternity sessions generally take place between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. I recommend booking your session by 20 weeks to ensure I have availability. Maternity sessions are offered in studio, at home, at the beach and at the park.


I love this phase of life so much! It is the first glimpse of motherhood that you are given, and such an organically pure time in our lives. I believe in capturing those heartwarming moments between a mom and her new baby when she leans down to kiss his nose, or holds his head in the palm of her hand. Newborn features change so much in those first few weeks. I know in my own motherhood journey just how special it is to look back on that tiny nose, and gorgeous baby lips!

 I capture connections and joy so you can really feel the love for the newest member of the family! Saving this sweet moment, where they are so small, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just like a wedding. They will never be this tiny or feel as small in your arms as when they’re a newborn. The one thing that will remain are the memories. Most of these little years will be a beautiful blur of moments....But in between all those BIG moments, there are small details and quiet minutes that make up the heart of who you are.

 Before baby arrives you will need to book your newborn session, typically during the second trimester to ensure availability. Your due date holds a place on the calendar and only a certain number of sessions are taken each month. No matter when baby arrives, we can schedule your session within the first two weeks after birth. Once your session is booked we will plan the color scheme and style for your session. We have a large collection of beautiful props and accessories we can use for your session. 

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